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Today in History

October 20, 1906,
Vacuum tube triode is invented.
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Engineering Education Today in History Blog: First Ada Lovelace Day

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Premier Courseware of 2008

The 2008 Premier Award for Excellence in Engineering Education Courseware was presented to Classroom Presenter, by Richard Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Natalie Linnell, Craig Prince and other members of the development team from the University of Washington.

Classroom Presenter is a Tablet PC-based interaction system that supports the sharing of digital ink on slides between instructors and students. As a tool, Classroom Presenter enables the flexible delivery of lecture content and can increase student engagement and understanding of material. It allows the integration of digital ink and electronic slides, making it possible to combine the advantages of whiteboard style and slide-based presentation. The ability to link the instructor and student devices, and to send information back and forth, provides a mechanism for introducing active learning into the classroom. Click here to view a video (wmv) on the Classroom Presenter web site.

What do you have to say about the Premier Courseware of 2008?

If you have experienced the Premier Courseware of 2007, we invite you to submit your comments. Your comments on Classroom Presenter are welcome, and we thank you for recognizing the Premier Courseware of 2008 and its contribution to engineering education.

Have you requested your copy of the Premier Courseware of 2008?

To obtain a copy of the Premier Courseware of 2008, please click here.

Would you like to submit courseware for the PREMIER AWARD 2009?

We welcome your submissions for the 2009 Premier Award. The Premier Award competition is open to a wide range of submissions of "high-quality, non-commercial courseware designed to enhance engineering education." Please review the eligibility info and submission info. Submission Deadline: Friday, July 17, 5 p.m. ET

What is the PREMIER AWARD?

The PREMIER AWARD for Excellence in Engineering Education Courseware has been introduced to recognize high-quality, non-commercial courseware designed to enhance engineering education.

Why create the PREMIER AWARD?

Multimedia courseware designed for engineering education is being developed by many academicians who deserve recognition for their outstanding contributions to enhancing engineering education. Too often these developers find little reward, either financially or institutionally, for their superb and time-demanding efforts. In addition, the use of multimedia technology in the classroom is expanding rapidly, yet many faculty integrating courseware into their classes are unsure of indications of quality.

The SYNTHESIS Coalition and NEEDS, along with our founding sponsor John Wiley & Sons, Inc., developed the PREMIER AWARD to promote successful courseware, as well as provide models of excellence for educators planning to incorporate or develop courseware in the future.

What is Courseware?

Engineering courseware is computer-based educational material that can be used to assist engineering students in their learning process. For this award, courseware should cover significant breadth and/or depth of material. Courseware can be used in lectures, during recitation sections, as self-paced study, as reference material for the student, or as exercises for the student to perform alone or in a group. Typically, courseware takes advantage of multiple media, such as graphics, photographic images, sound, video and animation to illustrate engineering concepts, devices, or practices. Courseware will often include features such as hyperlinks or hypertext which permit users to explore related information or greater depth of information as they are interested.

What is Quality Courseware?

Quality courseware is reliable, tested courseware that can be incorporated and will add value to a student's learning environment. In addition, the courseware should take advantage of the medium to provide an enhanced learning experience beyond the traditional textbook and chalkboard models. Courseware can be greatly enhanced by the context for which it is designed and in which it is used. Hence, quality courseware includes recommendations for effective pedagogical applications.

If you'd like more information about the Premier Award or how to become a sponsor, please contact Professor Joe Tront at Virginia Tech via email at

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John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


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